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Have you got a CCR? Going diving? Be sure you are going to get in the water and do the dive.  Dive a Lungfish Orca v6 Tech. 


Not only does the Orca v6 have a host of high-performance features:

  • CO2 Sensor as standard

  • Options of 3-4 Oxygen sensors in on and off board combinations

  • Built in depth/pressure sensor

  • Sophisticated electronics and programming to capture and analyse all that data

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In addition to your pre-dive checks, you can even calibrate the sensors to 6m before you get in the water with our unique pressure cap and depth sensor combination.

" As an extra safety feature, you have a handset warning light system that can be seen by you AND your buddy from almost any angle!

It is there to help you solve the problem fast and get out of difficulty. "

Off board cables can be made to connect to your dive computer for independent monitoring of gasses and scrubber performance.

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