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Our commitment does not end when you buy a Lungfish CCR product. We provide prompt and professional after-sales service to keep you and your gear in the water.

The Lungfish Dive Systems Ltd (“Lungfish” / “We” / “Us” / “Our”) one-year limited warranty is a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty (“Warranty”) provided to the first buyer (“Original Owner” / “You” / “Your”) of the rebreather unit (“Product”) and/or any associated parts (“Parts”) and accessories (“Accessories”). The Warranty applies to the Original Owner only and is not transferable. It provides rights additional to those provided by consumer law, including but not limited to, rights relating to non-conforming goods. As such, the Warranty is in addition to, and not instead of, any statutory rights provided by consumer law.

The Warranty is valid from the date of Product, Parts or Accessories purchase. Please retain Your original dated sales receipt for Your records. For warranty service of Your Product, Parts and Accessories, You will need to provide Us with a copy of Your dated sales receipt obtained from one of Our authorized dealers to confirm warranty status.

Product registration is an important step toward enjoying Your new Product, Parts and Accessories. Registering helps Us facilitate and provide warranty service support and advice and allows Us to contact You should Your Product, Parts or Accessories require an update or other service.  

Completed (signed and dated) liability waivers must be recorded on Our file for the Warranty to be valid.

All Products, Parts and Accessories are sold only on the understanding that English and Welsh Law exclusively applies to any Warranty claims including, but not limited to, product liability, regardless of where the Product, Parts or Accessories are purchased or where they is used. Accordingly, the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle such claims.

Procedures for Warranty and Service Work

All warranty work must be authorised by Lungfish before returning the Product or any of its Parts or Accessories for any reason. Contact Us by email or telephone for assistance and advice if sending any Products, Parts or Accessories.

If it is decided (in Our sole discretion) that a factory repair is necessary We will email a service/repair schedule.  This should be sent back to Us with the Product, Parts and/or Accessories and these should be returned directly to Our factory, with all relevant postage and insurance paid by You, together with a copy of the purchase receipt.

We are unable to determine if the Product, Parts and/or Accessories are covered by the Warranty until they have been inspected by a competent and approved person.

The recommended service and maintenance intervals are at 1 year, 3 years and 5 years. The servicing of the Product, Parts and Accessories can only be performed by a competent and authorised service technician. If such services are not performed at regular intervals, this may result in Your Warranty being null and void.

The individual service and maintenance intervals are based on normal Product use (192 hours per annum). In the event of more intense Product, Parts and/or Accessories use, these intervals must be reduced accordingly. It is therefore necessary to replace defective and/or worn out Products, Parts and/or Accessories immediately, irrespective of the maintenance intervals.

If modified Products, Parts and/or Accessories are returned for repairs or service and maintenance, then the Products, Parts and/or Accessories will be restored to their original format in the factory. Any additional Parts, Accessories and/or any remedial work required will be charged for.

In the event of repairs, only original replacement Parts and/or Accessories will be used. If other Products, Parts and/or Accessories are used by, replaced by, repaired by, or tampered with by any third party, including but not limited to modifying the gas flow direction, using Lungfish parts in combination with components from other rebreathers, use of different first stage regulators, use of underwater quick-disconnects on the solenoid feed, then the Warranty is null and void and We shall have no liability to You whatsoever for any injury, damages or losses arising out of or in connection with those repairs and/or replacements by a third party. There is a risk that such a malfunction could result in injury or even death.

Replacement Parts, Accessories, repairs and service and maintenance may only be carried out and will only be supplied if the Original Owner is able to provide verification that they hold and maintain the requisite Product-specific training.

If you need to send us your Product

Products may be shipped via Our chosen courier. All shipments must be prepaid and insured.  Any fees that Lungfish incurs must be paid for by the recognised shipper.  This includes duties and/or brokerage fees for the item re-entering the UK or elsewhere.  Note that if You ship via a courier such as UPS, Federal Express or DHL, there may be a brokerage fee, even if there are no duties.  While there may be no charges for the Warranty work, this brokerage fee must always be paid for by the shipper.

You should always package any items being returned in sealed, ridged, protective and padded container.  Lungfish is not responsible or liable for any damage incurred during shipping.  Please write in large clear letters, WARRANTY RETURN, MADE IN UK on the outside of the package and on any paperwork.  This is important as otherwise UK Customs may charge a brokerage fee and duties! You must make sure that You also include:

  • A copy of Your original purchase receipt.

  • The service/repair schedule mentioned above.


Don’t forget the paperwork!


  1. Batteries are not covered by the Warranty

  2. The counter lungs are not covered against punctures howsoever caused, please look after them.

  3. Components are made of durable materials but will fade in time – especially if subjected to extended or excessive sunlight, chlorinated water and/or exposure to extended or excessive temperatures.

  4. Corroded solenoids are not covered by the Warranty.

  5.  Water damage to the solenoids due to incorrect assembly or exposure to water are not covered by the Warranty.

  6. Modifications to the Products, Parts and/or Accessories will result in the Warranty being immediately null and void.

  7. Misuse, neglect, lack of maintenance or alteration renders all Warranties null and void

  8. Oxygen sensors are regarded as a consumable and NOT covered by the Warranty.

  9. The manufacturer does not provide a Warranty for incorrectly operating and/or using the Products if the faulty operation is the result of an improper setup or user error.

  10. Damage to the oxygen probe due to improper assembly and/or user error.

  11. Accumulated damage howsoever caused (including, but not limited to, salt damage) due to failure to follow the post dive cleaning instructions.


Any service and maintenance or modification by any third person or persons other than Lungfish approved technicians, (or through its approved distributors or dealerships) immediately voids the Warranty. Lungfish will not be responsible for recovery or replacement of the Product, Parts and/or Accessories in the event of loss or theft or accidental damage.  Lungfish, its authorized international distributors, and authorized dealers make no other warranties, either expressed or implied, orally, or in writing, with respect to any other warranty coverage except those expressly stated within the preceding paragraphs.


Lungfish will not be held responsible or liable for any agreements made orally or in writing with the exception of those expressly included in this Warranty. This Warranty and the terms contained herein supersede all Warranties contained in any and all owner’s guides, instruction cards, or other equipment literature or catalogues.

In no event will Lungfish, its authorized distributors, and authorized dealers be held responsible or liable for any personal injuries or death resulting from the improper use or unauthorised use of the Products, Parts and/or Accessories or for any other damages, whether direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential; even if Lungfish has been notified of such damages.

The Products, Parts and/or Accessories covered by the Warranty does not cover You or provide any guarantee against any user error, inappropriate, improper or unauthorised use or poor maintenance.

Product care

Mistreatment or neglect of the Products, Parts and/or Accessories will immediately void the Warranty. This includes damage caused by or due to any accident, abuse, tampering, modification, lack of maintenance, or exposure to excessive temperature, extended sunlight, or deteriorating chemicals. 

If a strong sterilising fluid is used or comes into contact with the Product, Parts and/or Accessories the inside of the lungs may deteriorate.

Custom parts and/or components outside the standard catalogue are not covered under the Warranty.

Completed liability waivers must be on file for the Warranty to be valid.

PLEASE NOTE: This Warranty may be amended by Lungfish from time to time and the guidance and instructions within altered. 

Liability Waiver

This Warranty agreement releases Lungfish from any and all liability relating to injuries, damages and any other losses and expenses incurred that may occur during the use of the Products.  By signing this Warranty agreement, I agree to hold Lungfish entirely free from any and all liability, including any financial responsibility for any injuries incurred.  I also acknowledge the risks involved in diving and understand that I am participating in a dangerous activity wholly at my sole discretion and option.  I hereby confirm that I do not have any previous or existing medical conditions that will increase my likelihood of experiencing injury or death while engaging in this activity.

By signing below, I forfeit all rights to bring any action, suit, claim or otherwise against Lungfish for any reason.

I, _______________________________, fully understand and agree to the above terms.


Service Plan


Further to the warranty period of 12 months, Lungfish offers a 5 year service plan based upon normal Product, Parts and/or Accessories usage (192 hours per annum).  The service plan covers intervals of 1; 3 and 5 years:

  1. Batteries

  2. Counter Lungs

  3. Corroded solenoids

  4. Oxygen sensor check and renewal

  5. Available software upgrades

  6. Postage and packing

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