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Certified to EN 250:2014 for use with compressed air to a maximum depth of 50 m.


What are the benefits of using a Lungfish Dive Systems Gemini gas switch block for open circuit diving?

The Lungfish Dive Systems Gemini gas switch block offers many potential advantages in open circuit diving scenarios. Here are some of the benefits it can provide:

Gas Source Redundancy:


The Gemini gas switch block can offer an additional level of gas source redundancy for open circuit divers. By integrating the switch block into the regulator setup, divers can switch between multiple gas sources (such as different tanks or gas mixtures) in case of an emergency or when transitioning from one gas to another during a dive. This redundancy can enhance diver safety and provide peace of mind.


Simplicity and Convenience:


The Gemini gas switch block can simplify gas management during open circuit diving. Instead of manually switching between regulators or tanks, divers can use the switch block to transition between different gas sources more easily and efficiently. This can save time, reduce the risk of errors or confusion, and provide a more streamlined gas switching process.


Improved Trim and Buoyancy Control:


By integrating the Gemini gas switch block into the regulator setup, divers can maintain better trim and buoyancy control during open circuit dives. With a centralized switch block, divers can access and manipulate gas sources without compromising their body position or stability. This can contribute to a more streamlined and comfortable diving experience.


Adaptability to Different Gas Mixtures:


The Gemini gas switch block can be customized to accommodate various gas mixtures commonly used in open circuit diving. This adaptability allows divers to switch between different gases, such as switching to a higher-oxygen mix for decompression stops or switching to a different gas for technical or cave diving purposes. The switch block facilitates the transition between these gases in a controlled and efficient manner.


Training and Education:


The Gemini gas switch block can serve as a valuable educational tool for open circuit diving training. It can be used to teach gas management techniques, gas switching procedures, and redundancy principles to divers, promoting safe and efficient gas handling practices. By incorporating the switch block into training scenarios, divers can develop the necessary skills for gas management and emergency gas switching.

The Gemini switch block has been CE and UKCA certified by 0120 and 0598. It is classified as Personal Protective Equipment and therefore falls under the EU Directive 425/2016. It has been tested in accordance with EN 250:2014 to 14 bar.

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