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Lungfish strip 003.jpg



60cm X 40cm X 20cm.

Central unit 32cm X 30cm X 20cm




BARE WEIGHT: (without cylinders or CO2 absorbent) ~ 11 KG

TRANSPORT WEIGHT: (without cylinders, CO2 absorbent or electronics) ~ 10 KG

DIVING WEIGHT: (with Absorbent & Standard Cylinders) ~ 18 Kg

BUOYANCY: Unit alone ~ 2Kg negative. Standard Buoyancy Compensator 16 Kg lift.




Lungfish offer our own 2l 200 bar steel cylinders with valves if required

Offboard gas connections as standard

Larger cylinders can be fixed to sides or hung as side mounts.



2.2Kgs Sofnolime 797 or Divelime 812. Duration 3 hours+




Standard 3 O2 sensors, 1 CO2 sensor.

Optional 4th independent O2 sensor.

Depth sensor 0-130msw.




Electronic and manual PPO2 control system as standard.




Multiple Isolated outputs to additional displays and computers.

Standard or wide-screen display

Multiple cylinder and gas supply configuration options.

Extreme conditions kit.

Many more ..... 

Lungfish strip 3.jpg

The Lungfish ORCA v6 offers more performance easier use than other rebreathers and is less bulky and awkward than traditional SCUBA gear. It allows extended duration dives with excellent freedom of movement underwater, and can be easily configured to meet any dive and travel needs.

Lungfish size compare 2.JPG

Weight (kg)

Twin 10 ltr

>30 kg


just 18 kg

15 ltr

26 kg

The performance statistics of the ORCA v6 are impressive on their own however if you need any more convincing, just check out how compact that amazing performance package really is! 

The ORCA v6 gives you ALL of the benefits of CCR without any of the traditional concerns about weight, size or safety.

Time to change ! Do it !

The Orca v6 Rebreather has been CE and UKCA certified by 0598 and 0120 and. It is classified as Category III Personal Protective Equipment and therefore falls under the EU Directive 425/2016.  It has been tested in accordance with EN 14143:2013 to 100 msw in cold water at 4 degrees C.

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