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Mark is a TDI Instructor Trainer and a member of TDI's Global Training Advisor Panel. He is a regular contributor to a number of diving magazines and a regular speaker at Diving conferences around the world.

Dive-Tech: Tel: 07770 864327: Email:

Mark Powell Lungfish 1
Mark Powell Lungfish 2

In 2008 Mark published Deco for Divers, a widely acclaimed overview of the theory and physiology of decompression.  This is regarded as the standard text on the subject.

Mark has a long association with Lungfish Dive Systems & the Orca CCR.

Lungfish Dive Systems are pleased to have Mark Powell on board as a TDI Instructor Trainer for the Orca CCR.

If you have any question regarding Orca training at Instructor or diver level, please contact Mark via Lungfish Dive Systems and we can forward your message.

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